What is “Turquoise Card”?

As regulated by “International Workforce Law” and “Regulation of Turquoise Card” it is a certificate that gives permanent right of work to a foreigner and right of residence to the family who are specified in the legislation.

Who is eligible for “Turquoise Card”?

Highly qualified entrepreneurs, workforce, scientists and researchers who are specified in the legislation are eligible. Also the successful people who are internationally engaged in sportive, artistic and cultural activities are eligible for Turquoise Card.

Turquoise Card holder’s foreign spouse and foreign children who are under age 18 or dependent can also benefit from the residence permit as the family of the card holder.

How to apply for “Turquoise Card”?

Applications can be submitted on the Ministry Foreigner Application, Evaluation and Monitoring System in Turkey or through the Foreign Delegation of Turkey in the country where the foreigner is a citizen or is legally present.

The application documents specified by the Directorate General of International Workforce should be submitted during application. Also it is essential that the residence permit application for Turquoise Card holder’s family is submitted to the Ministry in accordance with the Turquoise Card application procedure and at the same with this application.

How are “Turquoise Card” applications evaluated?

In evaluation of Turquoise Card application, the data like education level and previous activities of the applicant, estimated employment to be provided are scored. The applications which get enough score are evaluated as positive.

What is “Transition Period”?

The first three years after granting Turquoise Card are considered as “Transition Period”. In this period Turquoise Card holder ‘s activities are monitored and evaluated by Directorate General of International Workforce. Turquoise Card holder should apply to remove Transition Period registry on time. If this application is rejected by General Directorate, Turquoise Card becomes invalid. If the application for removal of the Transition Period is accepted, the card becomes permanent.

Cancellation of Turquoise Card

Turquoise Card will be cancelled if;

  • The card holder does not enter to Turkey within six months after the effective date of the Turquoise Card or stays abroad continuously for a period of two years except for force majeure,
  • His/her passport or equivalent travel document is not extended except for the approval of the Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • If it is determined that he/she is employed in contradiction with the provisions of law or illegally,
  • If it is determined that the foreigner did not work continuously for at least one year,
  • If it is determined later that Turquoise Card application is made with false or misleading information and documents,
  • If the information and documents requested within transition period are not submitted in due time or if it is understood that the foreigner is no longer eligible for Turquoise Card according to monitoring report,
  • If it is notified by the Ministry of Interior that the foreigner is included among the foreigners who are not allowed to enter Turkey, have visa or will be deported in accordance with Law No 6458,
  • If it is notified by related public organizations or institutions that the foreigner is not allowed to work in Turkey for public order, public security or public health concerns.

Kerem Utku Örer
Trainee Lawyer

NİSAN 2017

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